You can start your conversation with your mobile phone through say ok Google ok Google

You can start your conversation with your mobile phone through say ok Google ok Google

When you want to begin your conversation with Google assistance, then there you can simply say ok Google ok Google. It would start Assistant on your mobile phone or in other device.  The capability of the Google speaker remains same.

From the Google home you can easily interact along with your mobile phone. With its support you can place your calls to anyone who is in your contact list. Even it paves a way for you to find out your lost phone. You can stream music from your pretty mobile phone with the support of Bluetooth.

Now the Google Assistance could easily integrate along with the Android messages and other application this would make your work simple as well as you can be active in all social media even though when you have your tight busy schedules.

How to make ok Google to stay active?

When you want to start the process there you don’t want to take a lot of risk it would start working out when you say ok Google Ok Google call mom. And here are few of the things for which you can make them to operate through giving comment as say ok google ok Google are as follows

  • For hang up there is a need for you to say “Ok Google hang up”
  • To find out your phone there you have to say “Ok Google find my phone or ring my phone”
  • You can easily pair out with your Bluetooth device through saying “Ok Google Bluetooth pairing”
  • If you wish to check out the Bluetooth status there is a need for you to say “Ok Google is my Bluetooth is active or paired?”
  • As well when you want to cancel you can easily cancel through saying “ok Google cancel pairing”

Once when your voice got recognized then the process would automatically get started and this would help you to complete your work faster on time without any delay.

How does it understand your voice?

In your phone you would like to make your phone to get functioned only when your voice is send. For that purpose only when you had set your setting on in that there is a need for you to register your voice through saying Ok Google for three times. While you are saying your voice tone would get stored and now it would be ready for you to operate your mobile phone through your command. This would be interesting and once when you started making use of it sure you would feel somewhat relaxed always.

When you like for extending out the features that you are getting from it there you can explore it through clicking on the explore icon that would be found on the right side on your Google Assistant app. Next there is a need for you to go to the Assistant and Assistant device and pick up your phone within the menu there is a need for you to access your phone with matched voice.

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