What are the difference between alexa and echo?

What are the difference between alexa and echo?

The modern technology has updated a lot, were people are offered with instant assistance even in their basic needs. Thus how virtual assistance has emerged into people’s lives but on the other hand many of them are not aware what does virtual assistance? Virtual assistance is nothing but a digital or AI assistance that functions on programmed devices and applications based on the voice command and before going to buy know about the difference between Alexa and Echo. This type of interactive voice responsive AI project is amazon alexa voice recognition speaker device. The amazon and google combined to introduce voice recognition home assistant device known as alexa. However, due to the wide usage of voice recognition the device is keep on updating such as alexa echo, alexa dot and echo dot it’s feature especially its speakers and sound quality.

How alexa get differed from echo?

Although people widely make use of voice recognition devices in their home most of the people would stay in confusion what is difference between Alexa and Echo. The question may look typical but the answer for this so simple. As alexa and echo are common words used while people came across amazon voice recognition this make them to think both are same. But in reality both are different here are some of the factors listed below that clearly explains the difference between alexa and echo.

  • Alexa is intelligent software and it can analyse the user orders and commands and try to identify the clear work and try to answer the user’s questions.
  • Echo is nothing but a specific hardware product with high quality speakers from amazon that is specially designed to utilize intelligent agent.
  • Alexa is a first platform that functions independent of hardware and operating system in one platform. However it also functions in other platforms also such as smart phone, PCS consists of hardware that operates in the operating system. 
  • Echo is an amazon voice recognition device that owns their hardware and operating system. Mainly the Echo device runs with alexa software and uses their database to find out the exact task recognised by the user voice. Although the echo uses alexa application they also have local hardware capabilities.
  • The main factor about Alexa is their interactions takes place in cloud bases were they can get into different servers that supports the amazon alexa to get interacted for all information. 
  • When it comes to amazon echo devices they are capable of interacting with multiple numbers of different types of devices such as camera, thermostat and many other devices too 

In continuous usage of voice recognition device both Alexa and Echo devices holds extra capabilities. Although people make use of echo device they need to fix them with alexa application only then they could function. However echo devices could not directly interact with cloud so to make that possible people can make use of amazon alexa plus that acts as a hub and ensures each devices interact with each other and also with cloud. 

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