Use ok google how to commands and enhance your approach to use your smartphone

Use ok google how to commands and enhance your approach to use your smartphone

Most of the smartphone users are willing to keep up to date with the world class facilities and applications designed to improve their personal and professional lifestyle. They can explore OK Google settings and its benefits in detail at any time they like to enhance their way to use every application in their Smartphone. They have to be conscious about how to properly use the voice commands to fulfil their requirements by using the Google Assistant.  It is the appropriate time to find and use the ok google how to based voice commands.

The best voice commands to use

If you are travelling and requiring details about the distance and time to reach the destination, then you use the OK Google command how long do I have to travel to reach (destination).  You can use the voice command in the OK Google to identify how lat is (business name) open. You will learn more about your new surroundings when you ask voice commands start with how.  This is worthwhile to ask how far is (address), how do I get to (destination address) by (train, bus, bike, car or walking) and other travel related questions to enhance your travel without compromising the budget and schedule.

Health conscious people think about how to use the advanced app and voice commands to maintain their fitness level on a regular basis. If they have a doubt about the total calories in any food, then they can ask how many calories are in (food item). They get an immediate answer as expected and make an informed decision.   Many people like to know about highlights or main attractions of the person, landmark or building anywhere in the world at any time. They can use ok google how voice commands and get correct answers without delay. For example, they can ask how old is (name of the person), how tall is (name of the person, building or landmark) or how do I (task).

Get extraordinary benefits

Teens and adults with a desire to engage in DIY project in their leisure can make use of the OK Google commands and receive the absolute guidance almost immediately. They can use their voice command and get a very good and an instant response from this Google app and all users of the ok google how commands get plenty of benefits and recommend such commands to their much-loved kith and kin.  

If you own the latest version of the Android phone, then you can simply say OK Google subsequent to a task or question. You may own the outdated Android phone and think about how to use OK Google in your phone. You have to tap on the microphone button in the Google search bar. You can skip the “OK Google” conversation to start your voice command directly. You have to swipe right from the primary home screen and access Google Now to start your search.  This is worthwhile to access the Google Now App whenever OK Google is not working. You have to access Menu > Settings > Voice > OK Google detection.

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