Turn on ok Google and get answers for your queries

Turn on ok Google and get answers for your queries

Now, Siri and Alexa will get smarter this year, which are the top voice assistants. Actually, they were launched few months before and also undergo several routine updates, which set them away from each other and also retain the competition more exciting for those who follow beside at home. However, this application can support more than 60 various languages. For obtaining the best possible results, you can use a top quality microphone, speak loudly and clearly as well as remove any background sound. Wherever you are, now Google Assistant is ready to support you. Presently, one Google Assistant extends to support you across devices such as Google home, you’re smart phone and many more. You can easily access this with just long press home to turn on ok Google, android or a crush on pixel phones.

Actually, the Google Assistant is everything that can simply access on your phone, on your watch, on your speaker and in your car. It can also works with your most favourite stuff as well. You can shuffle your favourite playlist, to obtain the current news from news channels and have fun with Bollywood trivia. You can also find many devices and smart devices, which work efficiently with your Google Assistant. First of all, you select what to share with your Google Assistant. You can also handle or erase your past conversations with your Google Assistant at any time. However, you can discover information and obtain everything done right with a great support of Google Assistant. If you wish, you can ask queries and tell it to the Google Assistant and it gives you perfect information what you need.

How to begin a conversation?

On your smart device, you have to touch and hold the home button and then say OK Google. If the Google Assistant is off, you will be asked to turn it ON. On some other devices, you can say turn on ok Google or hey Google. You just ask a query or say a command. On any devices running on android, you can talk to the Google Assistant, where your device is locked by just saying OK Google. Also, you must study how to control the device and learn the basic information to make your work simple. You can also try some other ways to reach your Google Assistant by the following:

  • On your device, touch and hold the home button
  • Tap keyboard
  • Enter the query or command and then ‘Send’

Initially, you have to obtain the Google Assistant app and then open it on your device. Finally, you ask about a query or say command. For instance, if you want to get some ideas, you just ask your assistant turn on ok Google and then say what you can do. You can also even change your ok Google settings with a few clicks of the button. Overall, you can use Google Assistant anywhere based on your needs and make your life simple.

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