Start your command with Alexa what is?

Start your command with Alexa what is?

Alexa is simply designed as a virtual assistant for Amazon echo and Amazon smart speakers in Amazon lab. Alexa what is act as a home automation system and can access your smart devices easily. They perform functions like setting alarm, play music, predict weather, news updates, voice interaction and also real time information in day to day life. Alexa is designed in more than 10 languages like English, French, Hindi, German, Punjabi etc. The app used for Alexa can be installed from Amazon store, Google play or you can get it from Apple app store. If Alexa users send the voice request then it will send feedback to amazon to recognize whether it is good or bad.

Functions of Alexa:

Alexa what is can perform various tasks they are;

  • Home automation
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Ordering
  • Messaging and calls
  • Business

What are the variants comes under Alexa?

Amazon echo: It was the first generation of Alexa with cylinder shaped tall speakers and microphone arrays. You can setup speakers in new location by pressing startup button on the top. Another button is available in those speakers in that you can increase or decrease the volume control.

Amazon echo dot: It was designed as a hockey puck size and it can be connected to external speakers. As it is a second generation, the price becomes less and it can used in areas like bedroom due to its compact size.

Amazon tap: It is the smallest version of echo and it is battery operated. You have to press the activation button for starting the command. The main disadvantage of this version is you cannot stream music and also you cannot send message to the device.

Echo look: It was launched with camera for taking photos and also you can take videos with 360 degrees. It works on the basis of machine algorithm.

Echo show: Echo show is little advanced than others with liquid crystal display. You can see same videos or you can make video calls to others. The latest version of this echo show comes with 10 inch display and also speakers are more impressive.

Echo spot: This function is same as echo show and its shape is similar to alarm clock.

Echo plus: It has a small home hub that can be connected to wireless protocol that controls smart devices in your home.

Echo auto: It was specially designed for cars. Smartphone can be connected to users and it provides directions for the user.

Echo input: It is one of the Alexa input device and there is no onboard speakers. Instead it can be connected to external speakers for hearing audios.

Amazon lex: Amazon performs speech recognition and natural language technology in the name of Amazon lex. In this users can create chatboats that perform interaction in opposite to Alexa. It develops Alexa skill as a spy device for unauthorized users.

These are the functions and uses of Amazon Alexa and it is available in many countries and it can understand many languages and you can simply ask Alexa what is to any matter. Make use of Alexa and have betterment in your life.

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