Play smartly with smart devices by using the command of ok google ok google

Play smartly with smart devices by using the command of ok google ok google

Get started with Google Assistant by giving the voice command ok google ok google. Reduce the use of hands for using your smartphone, tablet or other devices that were associated with Google. Now, you can play with your gadgets using your voice as you can access any app or search anything by providing voice command in Google Assistant. To get started with Google Assistant have to say ok google ok google or Hey Google.

What can do with Google Assistant?

Google Assistant makes your smart device smarter as you can use your device with voice once this feature is turned on and let you to access any app in your device instantly. With Google Assistant you can make your fingers free from holding the microphone symbol for doing voice search. You can use this app from any screen of the device and can make use of to know anything as it will provide great assistance on using the device wisely. You can make calls, check mails and messages open the camera app, learn weather conditions, look for nearby places, lock the phone and much more with your voice by providing the appropriate voice command in Google Assistant. In short, Google Assistant made easier to use your gadget and saves time as well.

Google Assistant makes the device to work better

Google Assistant works as a virtual assistant as it will be supportive on doing various activities. It narrows downs the process by offering instant access to the applications. To begin using Google Assistant you need to start the conversation with the voice command ok google ok google. Once started can proceed with giving voice command based on what app you want to access or need to search anything.

The Google Assistant is not limited with Android smartphone as this wonderful application is available on any Android devices and even it is available for iPhone/iPad. Yet the features they support may slightly vary according to the device. Even your smart home that has inherited with Google services can be controlled using this app by providing voice command. Also the devices like Google speakers and Alexa can be operated with voice command. To make use of this effectively the device configuration should be done perfect and your account has to be linked with it. To do changes in Google Assistant go-to settings choose the respective menu and there you can find the options that were oriented with the app features. You can make use of online for modifying Google Assistant settings as it provide right guidance according to your device.

  • The Google Assistant let you to be more advanced and updated on using the smart devices.
  • With instant access to applications let to make use of it faster that shorts the time required.
  • Using voice can access anything easily not required much inputs in the form of text that relieves the hand.
  • Google Assistant can recognize your voice automatically and if you have to any modification with voice settings then have to do it through the settings menu for doing necessary changes.
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