Know about the basics of ok google settings

Know about the basics of ok google settings

Many smartphone users wish to know about the role of every function and benefits of the latest applications. They get ever-increasing interests to know about how to effectively use the Ok Google based voice commands to get the task completed. They can use this app in different ways as per their wishes. They have to concentrate on how to launch the Google app and make changes in the ok google settings based on their requirements. They can open Settings > Ok Google detection in their Google app at any time they like to start using the voice command based Google assistant facilities.

How to use OK Google settings

Individuals who have provided their voice “Ok Google” thrice in this app can let this app to learn how their voice sounds. They have to complete this process to make sure that they can launch the Google search. They can enable “OK Google” to access via Bluetooth headset. They can find what Google has learned regarding their search as well as browsing history when they toggle Personal results section in this app.

Almost every user of the Smartphone is eager to be smart in their way to use every facility in such phone. They can use voice to do some important actions like create reminders, set alarms, get directions and search. They have to turn on voice search in their Android by opening the Google app and access More… > settings > voice. Now, they have to “Okay Google” tap voice match. The next step is to turn on Access with voice match.

You may like to start a voice search in the Google app. You have to open the Google app and say “Ok Google” or tap the Microphone. If you wish to make some changes in the ok google settings as convenient as possible, then you have to understand that settings vary by Google app version and device.

Make changes in settings

Not every setting is available for all languages. You can spend enough time to learn how to successfully change your settings in the Google app.  Access with voice match or from any screen is one of the best situations to say “Ok Google”.  If your phone is charging or the screen is on, then you can say “OK Google” from any screen. You can use this setting and prevent some voice services using hot words or wake-up commands from immediately processing. 

Unlock with voice match is a facility designed to unlock a secure lock screen of the phone. There is no need to manually unlock the phone when you enable this feature in the ok google settings as per your wishes. Individuals who like to use the Android auto app or Google Maps app while driving can use the OK Google based commands while driving. They have to enable while driving option to use this facility. Always-on is another option in the OK Google settings and designed to assist users to use the OK Google voice command regardless of their phone screen is on or off.  

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