Is alexa satisfying Smartphone users?

Is alexa satisfying Smartphone users?

Amazon lunched Alexa product in November 2014 and this virtual assistant was inspired by the computer voice and also conversational system on board. New and regular users of this cloud-based voice service get more than a few favourable things. They are confident and happy to suggest this intelligent personal assistant to their beloved kith and kin. Amazon Echo is a brand of popular smart speakers from Amazon. These devices are designed to connect to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistance service that is alexa. The main attractions of these devices are music playback, voice interaction, playing audiobooks, providing real-time information, setting alarms, making to-do lists and streaming podcasts.

About Alexa

Alexa is the brain behind the smart speakers of Amazon and other devices like Amazon Eco, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Plus and Amazon Tap. This virtual assistant lives inside the Fire TV and satisfying all users. Users of the Android and iOS devices use this virtual assistant as their companion to explore and use facilities in several apps and features of their devices. They are happy to use their voice to do differed things in their Smartphone. For example, they set alarms, get the news, control their music, track their calendar, get the directions to travel, read books, get answers to their questions, find local restaurants and order products off of Amazon. They also control smart home devices include, but not limited to the locks, smart plugs and lights.

The main virtual assistant preferred by Android and iOS users worldwide in recent years is alexa because it’s extraordinary features and the user-friendly nature. Once you have decided to buy the smart speaker, you can prefer and invest in Alexa enabled speaker. You will get an array of benefits and ensure about the desired enhancement in your lifestyle. You may think about how to get Alexa on your Smartphone. You have to download and install this app on your Smartphone at first. Now, launch this app and login to this app by using your Amazon account username and password details. You can choose “create a new account” option when you do not have an account with Amazon. Choose your name from the list accessible under “Help Alexa Get to Know You”. You can also provide your information by tapping “I’m Someone Else”. You can customize this section by using any name you prefer for calling and messaging. 

How to use the Alexa

People who swipe up option in the Alexa home screen can immediately explore different things this virtual assistant can do. They ensure that the best virtual assistant based on the voice command is alexa mainly because it’s user-friendly nature and regular updates. You have to tap the speech bubble in this app’s bottom-center and turn on the voice commands of Alexa. You can choose the option Allow to give permission to this app to record your voice.  Once you have completed this process, tap “Done”. Now, you can activate this virtual assistant by tapping the speech bubble and ask a question or give a command.

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