How to change your voice on the goggle assistant

How to change your voice on the goggle assistant

Now, the goggle assistant has eight voice options where it is easy to switch between the different voices as per your need. Just you need to know that how to set up ok goggle, once if you set up this goggle voice command then you can control your phone through your voice commands. This ok goggle assistant application feature works on your mobile phone device and home where this is a great way to add some of the diversity to your assistant experience where you can control your mobile phone by using this goggle voice commands.

If you have any doubt regarding how to set up ok goggle then just do some research on the goggle where you will be getting number of ways and options for setting up the ok goggle assistant application on your mobile phone and you can use this application effectively and efficiently. By using the goggle assistant you can reduce the work of handling your mobile where you can operate you mobile phone through hands-free mechanism, with the help of this application you can make calls, do goggle search and do some other works while you are driving the vehicle.

How to set up ok Google on your mobile device 

The google assistant application has increased the usage of the ok google voice commands where by using this application many people make the hands-free access of their mobile device. Now, the goggle assistant has been rolled out on all the android phones that are running on the Marshmallow operating system or of later one. There are so many ways to use the goggle assistant application on your mobile device throughout the day such as starting from getting the alarm for the next day and nearly everything can be done just by setting up the ok goggle. In order to get the most out of the goggle assistant then you want to know about all the features and settings that you can do on the goggle assistant application.

The goggle assistant is now available in all mobile phone devices where this can be accessed just by long pressing the home button or by using the voice command ok goggle before using this you need to enable the voice activation. If you are logged into your goggle account but yet now you have set up the goggle assistant or don’t know how to set up ok goggle then you can start the process just by launching it from the home screen for the first time. The following are the steps which you need to follow for setting up the “ok goggle” assistant in your mobile phone device. They are.

  • Launch the goggle assistant by long pressing the home button
  • Then tap next on the “meet your personal goggle assistant screen
  • Then tap continue on the next screen to allow the permissions

Where the above are the three steps which you need to follow to configure the goggle assistant voice activation which just involves you to repeat the “Ok goggle” three times.

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