Google friend is ready for you to work and do required help when you ask ok google how are you?

Google friend is ready for you to work and do required help when you ask ok google how are you?

At present, you can find out lots of changes that had taken place in the technological world with the support of Google. It has enabled an option called Ok Google how are you that makes your work even simpler and easier.

One of the best advantage of using your Android phone it to set out your ability for using the Google voice commands. However more things would surprise when you activate Ok Google for detecting your screen. It helps you out when you are working another application and there you can speak out a command or questions for making your Google search to actively pursue the commands. When you like to start there is a need for you to launch out the Google app and open its settings. Now you can easily toggle from any screen easily.

How to set Ok Google?

When you like to start launching your goggle application there is a need for you to open your setting and give ok Google detections. Immediately there is a need for you to say “Ok Google” three times continuously that paves a way for you to learn about how your voice would sounds. This check is done to ensure out the launch that is done inside the Google search. Once when you had set then it gets ready. Even you can find out an option for working along with your supporting Bluetooth headset and you can operate it with your comment and talk to it as Ok Google how are you.

You can access your phone through giving the command as like call contact or start a call and so on. Even you can start your text message that is everything is made flexible and comfortable for you. When you lost your direction or have confusions there you don’t want to worry because even there your Google can navigate to the correct locations and guide you in the right path.

Does Ok Google act as a lucky charm for you?

This confusion many would have in their mind and think whether they have to make use of the Ok Google. To get clarified with it start using it ok Google how are you then you can even find your best results. Positive boosters that you can enjoy through using the Google assistance are listed below

  • It makes your hand to stay free.
  • It keeps on remaining all the important things and makes you to stay updated.
  • You can simultaneously do two works at a time.
  • Find out a space for you to create a new event in your calendar.
  • Help you in guiding and take you to the correct path.
  • Send a mail or translate something to your known language.

As like this you can find out a massive of benefits and it acts as a great plus for the people who are busy in doing their works. When you have not used this then you are one of the losers who miss your happiness.

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