Alexa what time is it? Isn’t it funny?

Alexa what time is it? Isn’t it funny?

As we living in the era of latest technologies, we can do everything with help of a small device. Within a small device, we can perform lots of work and we can know exact time while asking to the Alexa device. You might be thinking knowing of time is not a big technology but just by asking you will get a reply from the devices. Alexa is one of the devices that made with advanced technologies as anyone can access just by telling an instruction. Just ask the time or give instruction like, Alexa what time is it? Then you will be getting an instant replay with a voice. 

Get your answer by asking Alexa

Alexa is a device that helps you to know some details like time, date, details of a product, movie details, play a song and much more. It basically works on the basis of connecting the device to the internet through the wifi. Once if it is connected, then you can give your command with your voice. The command should start with the word Alexa, at the time of recognizing your voice it records your speech and you can ask like Alexa what time is it. It will send your voice instruction recorded to the natural voice recognition. Voice recognition service is done by the cloud named Alexa maintained by Alexa. The server analyses your voice more efficiently as stored from your voice.

The way Alexa works

Initially, it split your words from voice recognition and then consults with the database to fetch the answer that you needed. Alexa interprets their instruction and then reply to the answer based on their command given by the user. The responses will be replied in an appropriate manner and almost closed the results corresponded to sounds from your voice. 

If you have asked a question to Alexa, just consider the following command “Alexa what time is it?” Then it will recognize your voice and starts separating into the individual words. And then it identifies the keyword where it can make some sense of the need to carry out further functions. The further function means it has absorbed the time from your command, so it directly takes to the time-related application where it can fetch all the details about the time. Then it takes the next keyword to complete your entire process. Once it gets all the details then you will get a reply from Alexa regarding the time.

Not only knowing about just the present time in your place, but you can also even ask your Alexa device to tell the time of the other countries by just giving the command. It gives almost a relevant answer to your question. Make sure you are not giving break in between when you are giving your command, because it will start searching when it gets a break in your voice. Before giving suggestion, prepare for the command you are about to ask Alexa. If you get bored then spend your timing by talking with Alexa as it gives you an instant reply.

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